I’m Afraid I Can’t Let You Do That Dave: Using Chat GPT & Other Large Language Models in Developing Best Practice Salesforce Solutions

With the release notes on Salesforce’s 3x annual updates consistently pushing 1,000 pages, it is increasingly difficult to ensure your Salesforce instance is keeping up with Salesforce best practices. 

In our brave new world where ChatGPT and other large language models are finding utility in applications from content creation, writing code, and even producing entire Sielnfeld-esque episodes (https://www.twitch.tv/watchmeforever), why not use it to improve your Salesforce solution? Explore how to use AI to compare your existing or planned Salesforce solution to identified best practices and reduce technical debt by identifying where existing custom development can be replaced with out-of-the-box functionality.

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Location: Great Lakes B/C Date: August 18, 2023 Time: 9:20 am - 10:00 am Fred Cadena