Dreamin’ About An Affordable Mobile App!

Grassroots Mobile Survey started life as a proof of concept for a nonprofit in India that couldn’t afford the tools needed for offline survey work. Recognizing the need for similar capabilities at other nonprofits, our all-volunteer team worked to have GRMS adopted by the Open Source Commons (OSC) with the goal of bringing affordable offline mobile field surveys to all nonprofits. The presentation is set in a real-life scenario in India. Health workers make their rounds armed with mobile phones to capture their data, and we’re invited to tag along…

The GRMS has two custom objects installed in Salesforce and a Sample Survey package that offers prototypes for possible surveys. However, Field Survey object is completely customizable to fit any field scenario. The app is installed on the field worker’s phone. Between the phone and the office, Heroku provides authentication and connection. One integration user comes from the office… that’s right…ONE integration user. The field workers are all logged into Heroku and connected by their mobile phone. The GRMS downloads field surveys into the phone, shows the field workers their client lists, and then can work entirely offline until the phone goes back online. The presentation will show how all the pieces fit together and how to add field workers and new surveys and sync back to Salesforce when there’s connectivity. The presentation shows the Salesforce structure, the Heroku “handshake” and demonstrates in real time how the phone app works. GRMS is affordable as well – Heroku’s annual fee is $60.

We do hope you’ll consider this offering — for the hurricane victims and the storm and flood victims, and the old folks confined to their homes.

Location: Lake Nokomis Date: August 17, 2023 Time: 9:00 am - 9:40 am Trish Perkins Dar Veverka