Peter Coffee

Peter Coffee, VP for Strategic Research at Salesforce, has been with the company for twelve years. He works with customers and partners on CIO strategies and emerging technology opportunities. He previously spent eighteen years writing for publications including eWEEK, Computer Language and AI Expert, and worked for ten years as an AI application analyst and desktop computing manager at The Aerospace Corporation and in project management roles for various divisions of ExxonMobil throughout North America and the Arctic. He has lectured on innovation strategies and AI techniques at Stanford, CalTech, UCLA, Harvard Business School, and the Sloan School of Management at MIT as well as other institutions in India, Singapore and Spain; he advises on curriculum in analytics and “big data” initiatives for three other U.S. universities. His two published books are How to Program Java and Peter Coffee Teaches PCs, along with contributed chapters to other books on nanotechnology, cloud security and data governance; his current writings often appear on the UK news site “Diginomica” at

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