Silver Sponsor: SharinPix

Using Photos in Salesforce?
It should be simple…
SharinPix makes it easy!

Bring all the image features you are used to in Salesforce through the SharinPix library of components, allowing you to create the perfect user experience on Salesforce:
⁃ Record pages
⁃ Flow Screens
⁃ Community Pages
⁃ Your development
⁃ Even on mobile

Speaking of mobile, optimize your users’ experiences in the field with the SharinPix Inspection app. They can scan documents, snap pictures, add annotations or dictate descriptions easily with their mobile device, even when offline. Less time required onsite and higher quality information automatically returned to Salesforce.

And because SharinPix exposes photos as image records and provides invocable methods you can call from Flows or Apex code, you can make images part of any Salesforce process!
So, if you are using Photos in Salesforce, SharinPix has all you need!

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