Advanced Uses for Dynamic Content & Other Amazing Pardot Tricks

As marketers, we strive to take a solution and bend it to meet our business needs. Over the years, Pardot has been used from sending out one off emails to automating an entire customer journey. With marketing departments growing and digital strategies evolving, making sure that you offer personalized content that speaks to a prospect is crucial for effective lead generation. Pardot’s Dynamic Content solution is a wonderful tool that was designed to personalize your prospect’s experience. In addition to personalizing emails and landing pages, we can use Pardot Dynamic Content to automate and streamline processes within Pardot and Salesforce: from updating the footer in an email based on global region to automating the lead journey your prospect takes in a campaign. In this session, we will cover Dynamic Content basics, advanced uses for Dynamic Content, and highlight unique Pardot tips and tricks from Pardot experts.

Pardot/Marketing Cloud
Location: Lake Harriet Date: July 21, 2022 Time: 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm Jacob Catalano