5 DevOps Best Practices for the Salesforce Platform

This presentation examines how to overcome the challenges of releasing features on the Salesforce Lightning platform and provides a set of 5 best practices that will enable your organization to master one of the five key steps towards digital nirvana. Continuous Deployment is one of the five Goals of Operational Excellence required to transform your company into a Digital Enterprise. Realizing that goal on the Salesforce Platform seems more challenging than it does on other platforms. It’s just too easy to make changes in the various environments to get proper control. With the right tools and processes however, this goal is within the reach of any Salesforce customer. In this presentation, we will review the DevOps processes required to gain control of your release process (walk), learn how to reduce the time and effort it takes to release features all the way to production (run), and increase the frequency of successful deployments, so your organization can realize the business value of your development effort on a continuous basis.

Location: Salon 4+5 Date: August 8, 2019 Time: 2:00 pm - 2:40 pm Sanjay Gidwani David Freeman